ms sql connection component

ms sql connection component


Where can I find a supported MS SQL connection component? I am sure there is something in the forge that will do the job so we don't have to re-invent the wheel. TIA.

Ohhh..thst was a miss..but why do u need a MS SQL connector . if your platform is setup with MSSQL all the db operation will be mange by platform itself.
What is the backend you are using with your platform.

Pramod Jain
I am not sure how our DB settings have been configured in OutSystems. But I know we have an Enterprise account, and at the Enterprise level, locally we consume a lot of Oracle and some MS SQL database resources. One of our teammate has already deployed an app which interacts with our main Oracle database  I could use the same connection component he used. Unfortunately, I have been assigned a task which requires that I connect to one of our MS SQL node, and that kind of challenges me. I have run some search and I have found out that, as of version 9.0 the supported OutSystems connection extension supports My SQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and DB2. If the link you sent me points to the recommended and supported OutSystems DB connector, then I think I am covered. See this clip from a thread about DB connector:

"As of version 9 of the OutSystems Platform it's possible to create a database connection to SQL Server in the Java stack.

In fact, the database connection capabilities of the OutSystems Platform are identical in both stacks, meaning you can connect to:

- Oracle
- SQL Server
- DB2

using both Java and .NET.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva"

Can youconfirm for me that the link you sent me was for the OutSystems supported DB connector? Thank In Advance (TIA).


Hi Emmanuel,

The link Pramod posted is already deprecated in 9.0+ since, like Ricardo mentioned in the email, database connections to MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle and DB2 are all available builtin in the platform. You do not need any forge connector for them.

Check the Connect to an External Database topic from the help pages. It explains how to configure a connection and import entities from the external system. The process is similar for any of those 4 database types.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks for your insight. I am checking out the help link you send me right away.  That was very helpful,