Themes does not exist as a public element

Themes does not exist as a public element

Hi all,

  I had just started to try outsystem and is building my first application. When I publish the application, it prompts me to add/remove dependencies and all the themes are removed. The message indicates e.g. "'London' does not exist as a public element in ''. Uncheck this element to remove it from your module.". 

  It has been working fine few days back.

  Any help and advise is appreciated.
Can you please post the OML.

Pramod Jain
Hi Pramod,

    OML as attached.

    Could you advise me what is wrong?
Hi Yih,
I tried it in my enviorment and is working very fine, there is no issue with the OMl.One thing that the layout for this oml i s Layouts\Layout_London. (from Richwidgets espace) and is refrenced in your oml.?
To usew any webblcok or form form one esapce to other it should be defined as public.
Hi Yi Siang,

If at publish time the platform asks to add/remove dependencies, and afterwards the elements you expect to be there are gone, this means that the produced eSpace doesn't exist in your environment. The London layout is part of RichWidgets, which is a system component. Given that you are using the outsystemscloud, it really should be there. Can you check in Service Center whether RichWidgets exists, and if so whether it is published properly?