feeding news from a joomla site

feeding news from a joomla site

Hi all,
first let me apologize for this, certainly, being a newbie question – I'm just an humble designer that likes programming.
I'm starting my studies in the platform and I must say I'm loving it. Congratulations for this wonderful work to Outsystems team and all collaborators!
I'm building a very simple app, that for starters, would only serve the purpose of feeding the news published in a joomla site (mySql database). I've been searching the forum, the documentation, googling for terms like "news feed", "rss", "syndication", with no luck. I'm guessing this should be so basic that no one ever bother to write about it :), but well... after you stop laughing at my newbieness, can you point some advice? please.
Thank you!
all the best,
Hi Claudino,

First, most of the people posting here are newbies, as the platform is so delightfully easy to master*, that us oldbies don't have that many questions :). No need to apologize for asking questions.

That said, in what way does the Joomla site expose it's news? Does it have an RSS feed to tap into?

*I'm exaggerating a bit, but just a bit.

Hi Kilian,
thank you for your fast answer.
Yes, we do have one. Can you advice on a simple way to feed it to outsystems app, please.
Hi Claudino,

Check out the RSS forge component. I haven't used it myself, but from the description I gather it should be able to cover your use case.
I've looked at it, but I was expecting something newer than 2011... and with some kind of documentation...
For one, RSS is older than that and afaik hasn't changed in years, so a 4yo component should do the job. Documentation is nice, true, but to throw your hand up in the air when there's none is imho notthe right spirit ;).
Don't get me wrong. I'm really not "throwing my hand up in the air"! I'm simply thankfull for any help. As a non programer I really need some documentation, but, naturally, I won't complain about it :)
The extension RSS has an action "ReadFromURL", with parameter URL. I tested it with http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/world/rss.xml, and it works fine.
And you didn't got these errors(see atachment)?
You shouldn't use the demo, since that's for publishing RSS feeds. You should just do what I said, consume ReadFromURL etc.
But I havent got the slightest idea how to do it, that is my problem :(
could be somewhere a litle doc explaining how to use it. I mean, I got a download with an RssDemo.oml and RSS.xif but nothing else... so beeing a recent-non-programer-user I would need a little explanation on how to implement it. I'm looking at the feed page preparation (attached), and guessing it should be something similar, but that RSS.xif is not there... where should we put it? and how do we insert it in the platform? Can you, please, explain how you have put your test? as I was 2 years old ;) thx!

Since you ask nice, I will guide you (see below), but stuff like this is, imho, quite basic OutSystems Platform use. Did you take all the online courses etc.? Read all the online documentation?

Ok, here we go.
1) RSS.xif is, as you can see by its file extension being xif, what OutSystems calls an Extension. It's like an eSpace, only it contains .NET or Java code, instead of the graphical stuff in an eSpace.
2) Like an eSpace, you need to publish the extension to your platform. The easiest way is to extract RSS.xif from the ZIP File, go to Service Center, press "Factory" (top left), then "Extensions" (third item below "Factory"), then "Upload & Publish an Extension". Choose the file (RSS.xif), then press "1-Click Publish". This will cause the extension to be uploaded and published. Alternatively you can use Integration Studio.
3) Open your eSpace in Service Studio. Press the Add/Remove Dependencies button, select RSS on the left, then click the checkbox in front of "ReadFromURL" on the right. Press OK.
4) Go to the action you want to read the RSS feed in. From the Logic tab, expand the References folder (third, below Actions and Integrations), expand RSS, drag "ReadFromURL" onto your canvas.
5) Fill in the URL parameter. This will be the RSS URL from your Joomla site.
6) Provide the logic to do whatever you plan to do with the output of the RSS stream. (I really can't help you here, this is up to you!)

Hope this helps.
Hi Kilian,

I'm really just starting – as I mentioned at the beginning – So far I made only the 1st beginner tutorial, I have done the mobile contacts app with that guidance easily, but this situation is not there. I will proceed to the next tutorial and continue the studies. But you must admit that a simple and clear explanation like yours here, in a txt file in the package would help a lot of newbies like me :)

This is a great help! Thank you so much for your time and patience! If you ever need some design assistance in my field of work: Illustrator/photoshop/InDesign/html/css, please let me know and I'll be very pleased to retribute your kind help.
I'll try to put this to work and let you know the result.

Thanks again!
all the best,
Hi Claudino,

I admit that a txt file would help the newbies, but on the other hand, it's the same for all extensions, and extensions are typically for the more advanced users, so... But luckily, this forum exists :).