I want to create a structure in Outsystems by using an external webpage`s content.
Here is the webpage:
The content in the webpage have some different lines. I want every sigle line stand for one record in the structure. And every record have four elements. Is there an easy way to do that?
Thanks a lot.
Hi Eric,

I'm not sure if I got it correctly, but you can try to save this content into an excel file (it seems a CSV) and after that create a bootstrap in Service Studio to load the data. The bootstrap will create the structure as well. 
Hi Eric,

If you want to read the data dynamically, you can use the HttpGet action from the RichMail extension to fetch the plain text. Depending on the exact format of the text lines, you can either read the data at fixed positions (using the built-in Substr function), or use String_Split from the Text extension to split the data if the commas only appear at field boundaries. If the data is variable width and also contains quoted text that may contain commas, you're probably best off to use one of the CSV components in the forge.