Send an email

Hello everyone,

I'm having difficulty sending an "automatic " email .

After updating the database wanted to send an automatic email to warn what had been changed.

Already searched but can not find way to solve . I am using the OutSystems 8 .

Best regards,
Rui Santos
1. Create an action under logic that sends the email using the send email tool.

2. Under Processes, add a timer;
   - Set the action property to point to the action defined in step 1.
   - Select your schedule (time you want the email to be sent out automatically).

P.S. I have done this in OutSytems 9.
I would do it a little differently.  

1) Create a jacket action that calls the Create or CreateOrUpdate action for the entity being updated 
2) After determining that the Create or CreateOrUpdate is successful, send the email.  All the updated data is available so it can be included in the email as needed.

This eliminates the timer and makes it happen in real time.  You can add another action for Delete if needed.

Hope this helps,