RadioButton value to be save in TextBox


Id like to use a Radiobutton to allow users to select one item from my list of records.
Once an item is selected, user shall no longer select another item from the list.
The selected item value shall then be reflected/written in a textbox of another form.

To do it, I created a pop-up Web Screen, dragged the Table Record widgets therein and bind
the Entity that holds my list of records. I inserted a column to the left to drag a radiobutton widget
to match each records that will be displayed. 

My problem began when all the Radiobuttons were automatically set as selected once the pop-up window was
loaded. When i tried to select one record, all other records in the list remained selected.
I might have just overlooked a particular setting. 
How can I get the value of the selected record and place this in a textbox that is not within the pop-up window form, but in the other form?

Can someone share me the same sample application, if any?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Dennis,

Your first problem, "all the Radiobuttons were automatically set" is caused by whatever variable you have bound to the radio box: if it has the value True, the radio button will be set. Secondly, in HTML, radio buttons only act as a group if they share the same "name" property. However, the platform assigns a unique "name" to every widget in a table row, so none of the radio buttons are grouped. This causes each radio button in a row to act like a single group.

You can circumvent the above, by explicitely naming the radio button in the grid. Specify an extended property "name", with a value by your chosing ("myRadioButton", whatever), and the buttons will act like you intended.