ComboBox and Popup

Dear Forumisters,

I have a ComboBox that executes certail screen action logic On Change event. I want post execution of the OnChange event logic to call another local screen Action to process different logic pertaining to the post OnChange event. How can I do it?

For example (see attachments), I have linked the 1st screen action to OnChange desintation of the ComboBox and wanted to also associate a popup with that ComboBox so that inside the first screen action, I could activate a PopUp-Editor_Notify event so that post execution of that logic, the pop up linked to the combobox could execute the 2nd local screen Action logic. Unfortunately, the popup can only be linked to a widget with "Navigate" and I therefore can't use it as I intended. See example screens below.

How best could I get the post execution of the ComboBox's OnChange event screen action, execute another local Screen Action logic?

Hi Seth,

In general, you shouldn't want that. If it's true logic, like calculating stuff, that's not directly bound to the screen (like refreshing parts of the screen for update), you should create actions on the Logic tab for that.

That said, sometimes you do want to reuse screen logic. The only trick available then is to use the RichWidget's Widget_Click action, to click on a (hidden) link or button that triggers the screen action. It's not ideal in terms of efficiency, but it does the trick.
Thank you for both suggestions.

Ordinarily, I do make use of actions on the Logic tab. The issue this time is that, depending on the value selected in the ComboBox, I'd execute certain logic, such as update database table values and thereafter open a specific Popup Confirmation Screen and pass relevant inputs to that Popup Confirmation Screen. And when the user clicks Ok on that confirmation pop up screen, I'd then execute related post confirmation screen local screen action.

I couldn't easily figure out how to use the action on the Logic tab to execute some logic first, then open confirmation popup screen,  and on its Ok button click, activate post popup logic.

For now, I'll try the inefficient hidden richwidget trick to see if it works. Later on, I'll try to convert the whole logic to actions on the Logic tab.

Thank you