horizontal scroll bar is not appearing

I am trying to enable the horizontal scroll bar without success. Someone can show me what I am doing wrong ?  I believe the problem I am having can be the JS I am using. If I put the height the vertical scroll apears, but when I put the width the horizontal scroll doesn´t appear. I attached my oml as example to see the problem. I will appreciate any feedback.
Now the new attached file loads automatically all data and shows the screen. Maybe someone can give me a tip how to enable the horizontal scroll because only vertical scroll appears. If there is a new component where I can use the column ideia, please let me know.   Someone can help me ?  Until now no one post an answer.  Thanks
Luciano - I stongly presume it has to do something to deal with 
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

it has to be something with that.... try extendeding the css and try you will get into some conclusion
Hi Kayala,
  it doesn't work. I updated the EnableScroll style on the main container of KindOfAssets webscreen with the statements you supplied. You can update this style to do all the tests, if you have another idea. It will be simpler.
Anyone else have more tips ?
I don't know why but I have the feeling that is missing a <br> at the end...
Can you see it here you can see the scrolls 

I've just applied the same variables for testing purpose
margin:100px auto;
border:2px solid #000;
box-shadow:0 0 10px #000;

 this is an unexpectable result for me... I only want to see all individual columns appearing and I was thinking the problem was that the columns didn't expand into the container because the absence of scroll.  Do you know how I could see all columns without this mess ?  Actually my problem is that I am inverting lines by columns to show all data...
Luciano....Well all you can do is make the column width into a specific column width  and assign the width in the css to control every single column or assign the universal value for all the columns 
   doing the updates you suggested I came out with the following conclusion: after the list records reach the container width it inserts a line break (like a <br>).  It is the real behaviour. The question is: how avoid this line break ?
Avoiding it, I believe the data can expand beyond the container width and a  horizontal scroll line should appears.  Am I right ?
Luciano ... I sincerely have to agree to disagree.. 

Normally OS was suppose to work directly as a BOOTSTRAP core... but somehow it doesn't.

If you are having DIV blocks assigned to every single section and wrapped properly <BR> after the block should not give you any line break or you can even write css for that particular <BR> to escape or remove blocks
  I believe this <br> is submitted by list record component.  Note I used none to line separator on KindAsset web block, but it insists on insert one after the size of container is reached.
Luciano -

Select the ListRecords, look at it's properties, there's a property for new record separator. By default, it's set to "New Line". Change it to "Nothing".

   I have just found the solution. You need to decrease the width and put the withe-space to show the horizontal scroll bar.