History version dialog is very hard to use

History version dialog is very hard to use

I am using history versions quite often to review the changes made by other team members. But this dialog is so hard to use... I mean the one that opens when you select "Open other version" or "Compare and merge" commands from menu.

The main problem is that there is significant delay when you do anything. So when I scroll or click something - I don't see any reaction at once, but then it starts living it's own life, scrolling and highlighting things - seems like something I didn't even do. There is no clear connection between an action and it's result, and I literaly have to fight that control to get something from it. I think maybe the problem is that it dynamically loads it's records all the time, then why not load everything at once? Well maybe my internet speed is not the greatest, but it's enough to work with Service Studio in general without problems, as well as enough for other applications.

Second problem is that the scroll bar is so small, and missing normal arrows - it is just impossible to use, so usually I scroll with mouse, which is also not very convenient though. Can that scroll bar be made bigger and with arrows?

Third, connected to the previous - maybe it would be better with paging, so that there are less rows to scroll at once, and this might also improve it's speed, if it loads just one page at once.

Fourth, it's not very clear when the rows are scrolled, because they all look like the same (unless they have different authors, which is the most outstanding data in the grid). I would prefer different colors for even rows. But maybe this would have not be a problem if it responded smoother.

And the last one, which is nice to have - filtering in that dialog, by author and date range - would be great.
Hi Igor,

Thanks for your candid feedback. If you haven't done so please use the submit feedback feature in the product so that this feedback reaches the product team more quickly.

It would be great to see a screen record of those issues you found so that it is easier for us to understand your issue and to root cause analysis. Can you post it here?

Regarding the last issue you should use the Ideas in this community to post yours. Product Management regularly watches over these to understand what our users are requesting.