Force Top Menu in Dublin Theme

Hi. I have been using London theme with top menu but using Dublin theme on latest app and I can't seem to stop it displaying the menu as a side menu. I need to force the menu to be located across the top, especially in Desktop layouts. Been looking at CSS but can't find a setting to override.

Anyone got any tips...please!?

Hi Patrick,

It is possible, but since you need to customize the Dublin theme, it will not be easy at all... You will have to:
1 - Replace the menu widget of you module with the London one.
2 - Change the Layout_Dublin page to correct the place of the menu placeholder on the top.
3 - Change all the related style sheet on the theme.
I dont know your needs... but I would think a lot before do this.

I ahave a similar question, would it be possible to make the slide menu slide in and out instead of moving to the top?  I need to maximize the width.
T???hanks in advance!
Hello Patrick,

Sorry for the late reply, but somehow your post evaded our radars. For future posts, please use the Silk UI Forums.

As Andé said, although possible, is a bit hard to do that customization, because you do have to override quite a few CSS rules. 
If you want to have the menu on top, is it completly out of the question to use another Silk theme like Lisbon theme or Liverpool Theme, which already have the menu on top?

If the only solution is to customize the Dublin, please do not change the Dublin Theme directly. Instead, do those customizations on your application theme.
The reason is that if you change the Dublin Theme, forge will not allow you to upgrade the Theme to the newest version, and you will have to do the upgrades manually.

Samuel Jesus
Hello Christopher,

As I just said on the previous post, you can do the customizations you may need, but that may not be a really straighforward task to do.
Again, if you decide to do the customizations, please do the customizations/overrides on your application theme, to avoid manual upgrades in the future.

Samuel Jesus