Emails on pending timer error in status processing

Hi Guys,

I have a big problem, the personalenvironment is not sending any emails for a few days.
There are no errors in the error log but all the emails are on pending and the timer is on:

Warning: Email processor (Email id:4) is in status processing 516622 seconds witch exceeds the 27 seconds warning treshold (90% of 30 seconds timer timeout definition)

Sending emails normaly works and also from my ipad with the same acount it's working.
I could use some quick help with this!

Thanks in advanced.

Just did a full compile but still no success the timer is still having the above error message!


Problem fixed by OS support thnx guys!

HI Feek,

What is the fix for this issue as I'm also getting the same problem in one of the  Front end servers in the production enviornment.

Appreciate your help!!


Aravindkumar A

Aravindkumar Annamalai

If you are not receiving errors on Service Center and if your e-mail sender is working as expected, with no changes on his side (some security update, etc) nor changes in the code, with the mails simply hanging on, please, contact the OutSystems support team.

Eduardo Jauch