I´ve just started the online learn about outsystems.
I´m really a newbie and I don´t know what to I need to proceed.
I have completed the development fundamentals and now I don´t know what happens next.
My main goal is to do a certification for developer and be able to work in this area.
Now should I proceed to "Mastering Outsystems" or to a boot camp or online class?

Thank you
Hi Telmo,

Can you not find a company where you can work for who want to pay the course for you?
No. As I have said i´m a newbie.
this is not my area, but ím trying on my own to go through this way. is that possible or the best that I can archieve is to do webs or apps for my personal satisfaction?
My experience is that if you've done all the trainings at the website, you can start to actuall code stuff.
You learn by doing so just start with the tutorials build the app in the cloud and try to improve yourself. But if I where you I would go to a school and start a IT study. You will meet new people and the school can help you to get contact's from companys etc.
thank you guys for the answers.
Freek that option would be the better one, but right now I don´t have time to restart study. I´ll try out the tutorials that the academy offers and see where I can get.