Adding Database Images to an Entity

Adding Database Images to an Entity

Hello Team Outsystems,

I want implement the images in Entity, but in my table records dont appear the image that i choose.

In image table dont appear records from new imagem in

I visited that page, and i configure the image as explained on the site, but dont appear in table records.

Can you help me ?

Best regards
There is a Forge component called Documents that uploads, stores and downloads files and stores them in database entities.  If you look at that to see how it works it should help you.

Hope this helps,
Hello Curt,

My problem are aggregate the imagem to record in table.

Hi Ricardo.

What is your problem: you can't save the image to the database or you just can't show it on the screen using the image widget?
Hello Carlos Henriques,

Yes its my problem, i cant save the image in database and i can´t show the image in my webscreen, and i use the image widget.

Thank you,

To save an image in the database you need:

1. An entity with an attribute of the data type 'Binary Data'
2. A web screen with the Upload Widget (to select the image file) and a button\link to run a screen action that will save the image to the database. The button\link on click method must be Submit and not Ajax Submit.
3. On the screen action, assign the content from the Upload Widget to your entity record and save it.