Error: nonexistent LOB value


I am getting this error at the time of publishing.

Well what I have done is that defined one static entity in foreign espace, created foreign key of that static entity in same espace. Now I am referring that espace in my current espace. I have assigned that foreign key value for radio buttons and also used in update query. At the time of publishin I am getting this error.

Please advice.

Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

Just to be sure: the error you get is when you publish the consuming eSpace? Publishing the producer holding the two static entities is ok?
Hi Kilian,

Yes you are right. Error is in consuming eSpace, producer eSpace is ok.

And you have consumed both static entities?

One entity is static and static entity's identifier I am using in another normal entity and then I am consuming both the entities.


I'm sorry, I'm a bit lost here...