Radio button values are not reflecting

Radio button values are not reflecting

Dear community members,

I am using two radio buttons in different tabs. Value which is present in first tab must reflect in the second tab and vice versa. But it's not happening. For other fields it's working properly. 

Please have a look at the screenshot.

Please suggest something.

Thanks a lot.

Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

How the radio buttons are being binded? Try to check the source variables. The radio is only checked when the Value attribute matches the Source Variable value.

André - Well this is what I've been trying to find out for quite some months and never got the right way to do it so far.... 
The only way I'm trying to replicate the values is by creating 2 different radio buttons and replicate by using onblur or replace options.

Even if you are using the same variable in TAB 1 or TAB2 ( e.g: radio1 in the tab1 or radio1 in tab2 - the data is saving in the same table and its same single field) but there is a glitch in replicating 

This type of real time scenarios are quite common in our applications... In others we can use replicate or related type of fields... 

Any bright suggestion or can you provide any sample oml for that André

Hi Suraj,

Are you using same variable on both the tabs? If yes then use separate variable and assign value and refresh the container..

If you use same variable then system will treat radio buttons as same group and unselect previously selected radio button.

Hope this will help.

Sagar Nannaware