Agile Reporting Tools

Agile Reporting Tools

Hello All, I am in need of an inegrated Reporting solution for my OUtSystems app.  The Agile Reporting tool looks to be the right fit but I am unable to get any info regarding its availablity etc.  I even tried contaccting Alfanzo directly to no avail.  Does anyone know fi this product is still available?  If not are there any simple alternatives?
Hi Christopher.

The Agile Reporting Services project is dead, from what you can read in the last comment in this discussion:

You can use the HtmlToPDF component in alternative:

Or create your own component to use any reporting tool you want.

Creating typical reports using Outsystems itself can be time consuming.  If you want non-developers to be involved it gets even more complicated.  I've been successful using Crystal Reports as a reporting tool.  In Outsystems I create a web service which provides the data and Crystal makes it very easy to use a web service as a data source.  Doing it this way allows you to control what data fields are exposed and eliminates the issue where the Outsystem tables in the database actually have more complicated table names than what you see in the development environment.  You can use ODBC to access the database directly but you'll have to address these issues if you do.

Hope this helps,