delete all records and upload them freshly from excel

delete all records and upload them freshly from excel

Dear all,

I have crafted a small application that queries and lists all my wine entries. The Initial upload went smoothly during the initial development. Now I would like to update the database because I maintain the information outside of outsystems and want to delete all records and upload them freshly.

I think maybe i just use a sql "delete" statement and just bootstrap and upload the data in the service studio again from the excel. But I discovered nowhere the possibility to execute SQL.

If you have some idea how i can achive that that would be highly apreciated.

Thank You in advance!
You can use an SQL Statement. Check my screenshot. All the items with the red borders need to be filled.


If you have multiple database entities, eg. Invoice and InvoiceLines, that uses attributes with constraints (mandatory FK) it will be necessary to delele all records using the proper order.

SQL Statement using only one advquery
DELETE FROM {InvoiceLines};
DELETE FROM {Invoice};

You can also use multiple advqueries where you replace only one DELETE statement for each advquery.

Paulo Garrudo

Dear Remco and Paulo,

Everything worked fine. I was just too blind to detect the SQL element.
Thank You very much !

Kind regards,