Improving OutSystems site, would you like to help? (Update: test ended)

Hi !

We are in the process of improving the OutSystems website, would you like to help us?

It's easy, participate in this quick findability test to evaluate our site organisation.

Your feedback is very valuable for us in this process.

Lourenço Rodrigues
(Customer Experience Team)
Some additional feedback:

* I only knew the right item for native mobile because I know what OutSystems Now is... none of the menus said "mobile".

* A couple of the items (like "Security") were basically impossible to find. I hope Treejack shows the number of clicks it took to get to what folks wanted so you can see where the problem areas were.

Hi Justin, thanks for your additional feedback, really useful for us.
Hi all,

This test that Lourenço is doing is really cool. By submitting your answer you are providing direct feedback on how we should organize your OutSystems website.

For those who already did the test, if you have aditional feedback just add it here to the thread.

Indeed a cool test, and it was goddamn hard to find stuff. Or so I think, I might've clicked right, by accident...
Thanks Kilian! The visualization of results is also pretty cool (see an example here). From that it becomes pretty clear whether or not your information architecture helps your users find the information they need.

This test is now closed, we reached our test goals :-)

Many thanks to all participants!