Send email without email configuration

Hi, i need to send email with other account email.
I have well configured configuration email in service center, and it's work. But now there was another question, i need to send email's with other account.

If xxx
     send email with default email in service center
     send email with email write directly in "From" 
"When i write the From in my solution occurs error in service center:
Error sending email 1343: 550 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 14:18:05 +0000"

How do i do?


Diogo Coelho

I think you need to configure your smtp server to allow sending emails from different send adresses. You connect to the smtp server with your user and pass. And true there you should have the possiblity send emails with any custom from address.
Hi Diogo,

Usually email providers have options to allow sending emails as another account.
For example in google/gmail:

João Rosado
Hi freek, 

If I understand, I need to configure one user in smtp and it has two email accounts. I'm sure?

1- Use an SMTP account that allow sending email with different senders;
2- Use the RichEmail extension to establish the connection to the SMTP server with several credentials depending on the sender. 
3- Integrate a third party solutions inside the system... 
Hi team:)
         I have an entity named "Employee details".... In Email configuration i have to fetch the mail id from the employee details table... I have the employee name in the text field. If i use "GetEmployeedetails(text).user.mailid"  it says employee identifier required...! How can i convert the text to Employee details identifier...? 
could u pls share your query with an example (.oml)?

Hi vinodhini sri,

The employee name is the identifier in your entity "Employee details"?
Hi Leo and Martin Thanks for your response....Actually my problem is the foregin key constrain..! I made it.
Thanks once again...