Radio button and Menu

Radio button and Menu


Depending on the database value ,on load of the page I had to disable and make the radio button selected.
But because of the radio button styling it was not displaying as selected, it was only disabled.(This issue occured in chrome.)
I had to override the style of the radio button to make it selected when  disabled. After overriding the style issue in chrome is solved

# : But if I print the page , the selected radio button is printed as unselected.
I did a work around by using 
@media print  and giving the radius and border to the inner small circle of the radio button, which could Not solve the issue.

#: Is it Not possible to change the width of the menu ( left side menu) in DublinBase\Layout_Dublin? Because the length of the text of the MenuItems is less, so half of the Menu is left blank(not used).

Could you please suggest Me on this ?