Crystal Reports Extension

Crystal Reports Extension


You are right. The app itself its a report repository, but it also has a public action "ExportToBinary" that you can use in your own eSpaces, to export the result of a Crystal Report to binary in one of the supported export formats (PDF, DOC, EXCEL, XML, etc).

This are the parameters for the ExportToBinary action:

The CODE is the same code name you gave in the CrystalReports app, when you register a report.
You can, optinally, set the report Selection Formula at runtime and send a list of Parameters or Formulas.
Parameters / Formulas are Lists of type Parameter and Formula from the CrystalReportsExtension.
You just need to create a Parameter List, and append record of the type Parameter.

This is the download action:

I will make a tutorial soon in the component forum.
Hi Colin.

The ExportToBinary action How To is available here: