I have added a DropDownMenu to my project.From the description "When clicked, shows a dropdown menu with all the submenu items", I know when I click the item, it will show me the menu.
And I saw the javascript code within the DropDownMenu to get this function. Actually, I want to change this js
code, use the "oncontextmenu" insteand of the "click". So when can right click the item, it will show me the menu.
But I found the js there can not be edited.How can I make the changes?
Another question is that when the MenusubItems are not dispalyed, they are still occupy a line. How can I remove it? Thank you.


Why the JS cant be edited?  Actually you can access the elements by Jquery and change its attributes. 

Have you checked if there is already a component on the forge to it? If not, you can try to create your own using this javascript context menu lib