I have a strange problem with a process that I can’t understand.
I have a process that must be launched on Create entity event. It was working before, but now it seems like just not starting.
I have created several entities today. I used debug to ensure that Create auto-action gets called. I tried to debug the process itself (setting breakpoint at the very start), but the breakpoint was never hit. I have added Audit calls, but no messages appeared in the log. In servicecenter, this process has active instances, but the latest one was started a week ago. There is also no condition that could finish the process immediately (actually it contains timer for 4 days which is part of mandatory flow).
So this all means that the process is just not started. But why can this happen? And where can I check more?
There were no significant changes in the process itself recently (I only changed some texts passed to actions). I have also added a field to the entity today (all references refreshed off course) – can this be the cause?

Service Studio v. (I don't think it can be related to Studio, but this version is causing other big problems to me, so who knows)
Hi Igor,

Have you reported this using the submit feedback? It is important to do so in order for the feedback to reach the product team quickly.

You say that this was working before and now it isn't, can you identify any major event that happened in the mean time, e.g. an upgrade on OutSystems Platform, upgrade on database, etc.

Hi Andre,

There were no major events from what I know, except that I have upgraded Service Studio.
And now the processes started working, on Saturday evening (next day after I have created this post) they started for those entities I have created earlier. I don't know what the problem was. But at least there is no problem now...
Hi Igor,

I'm glad everything is working now.
Processes that are launched on entity events depend both on the application server and the database. Those events are stored in tables based on triggers, then the scheduler service has specific threads that look for activities that should be executed and events that should be processed. If anything stalls the database (e.g. a db lock) or the application server this may result in the processes "not being launched".

Ok, thanks, so next time if I experience such problem, I will check on DB level for locks and triggers.
I had same kind a problem. I had to deleted database tables and re-publish my eSpace and now this works correctly.

Mika Roivainen wrote:

I had same kind a problem. I had to deleted database tables and re-publish my eSpace and now this works correctly.

I have the same problem now. How do I do this?