Check Answers on a List Screen/Scroll to the next one

I have times tables and their answers in a list screen.

What I want to do, is for the user to type the answer, press a button and see whether the times table is right. Logically, how do I do this?

I can get the answers to check on the detail screen but I can't scroll to the next one. Is there a way to to this? Any ideas?
Hi Edward,

I'm finding it hard to understand what you want to do :(
Can you share your code so that it become easier to figure it out? (You can export it using Ctrl+S)

Hi Andre,

Hope it helps.
Ok I think I get it now.
I would do the following.
  1. Have an aggregate to fetch the TimesTables.
  2. In this aggregate add a calculated attribute with value 0.0 - this is where the user will input the value.
  3. Then bind this to a Table Records and create the structure by drag and drop of the enity to the table records.
  4. Remove the answer column. (I'm guessing no cheating is allowed :))
  5. Now the tricky part. Add an extra column for the user to input his answer. In this column add an input that is bound to the calculated field of the aggregate.
  6. Next bind the OnChange event of the input to a screen action so that you can calculate if the answer is correct or not and show it to the user.
I hope this takes in the right direction. Come back if you need more help.
Hi Andre,

I got it to work, on an Edit Record feature and used another post to remove the delete record button. I also changed the default value to "-". Thanks so much. I use Outsystems 8 at work, so I am not familiar with 9, as this is just a personal project. The OnChange and Calculated attributes are useful! :)

Thanks again