Get User Group from AD

Hello folks,

I'm trying use action User_GetGroups from Ldap extension but I get error when execute the method.

I pass the parameters to action as well below:

The exception is:

cn=user01,LDAP:: [LDAP: error code 34 - 0000208F: NameErr: DSID-031001BA, problem 2006 (BAD_NAME), data 8350, best match of: 'cn=user01,LDAP:,dc=lasa,dc=lojasamericanas,dc=com,dc=br' ]
What extension are you using?
Have you tried the ActiveDirectory_GetAccountGroups from the Authentication extension?

About the error you've posted:
The error code 8350 is for incorrect format of the DN.
In your case, "user01,LDAP:" has invalid characters. Shouldn't be just "cn=user01"? Whats the ",LDAP:" for?

Hi Henriques,

I'm using Ldap Extension(

I not tried the Authentication extension. I have no idea what is in the "LDAP:' string I just pass this in path param.

All actions from ldap extension have a path param and they're mandatory. I follow the post example
Both extensions should work fine.

You should do some debug to see what path you are really passing to the extension.
The error is what I said, bad DN format, so something in your path is not right.
From the error message it's the cn=user01,LDAP:
The path param is same passed on search action : "LDAP://host:389/dc=lasa,dc=lojasamericanas,dc=com,dc=br"
This is a site properties static value.

I've tested the LDAP extension and it did'nt worked for my AD, because the property it's reading to get the groups from the users does not exist in my AD user object.

But, the action ActiveDirectory_GetAccountGroups from the Authentication system extension worked great and you just need to pass one parameter, the account name: "DOMAIN\ACCOUNT_NAME"

I tried ActiveDirectory_GetAccountGroups but nothing is returned.

I pass account parameter "LASA.COM\myUser" and not work.

Any error or just an empty list?
Did you tried just "LASA\myUser"?

Is your outsystems server member of the domain? I don't know if that is a requirement for this extension action.
Just empty list.

I'm not tried "LASA\myUser".  The outsystems server is served from LASA organization.