Delete test values

Delete test values


How i can delete my test values in aggregate ?

I have problems with test values in my application.

Could someone help me?

If I understand your question you want to delete a record from table...You can create a dummy screen with an action do delete a record with the specific identifier.

- You can use an advance query with :
WHERE condition
and click in Test button (don't forget to insert any Output Structure in advance query)
 "Database returned the following error:
Error in advance query QUERYNAME:
Key cannot be null. Parameter name: key"
This is the result of your query test but the record has been deleted.

My problem is : in serach i have combobox, i put one choise in combobox search, start the debugger and click search, my variable its ok find the search correct, my getColor connected in my color combobox its not ok, in getColor appear another result, see my aplication in attch.

Thank you, 
I usually create a backoffice screen for testing values (with CRUD actions). It's so fast and simple using scaffolding.. In 5min you have all you need. :)

How i create backoffice screen for testing values ?

You see my application AppCar ?
Yes I did. You just need to use the platform scaffolding to create webscreens for CRUD. Take a look on the links below:
Tip: To delete items direct in a table, you only need to add a new column with a link with label "Delete", right click on it and select "Create Delete action".

Hope it helps :)