I made a new database connection with a external database that has linked servers. Everything went well in service center, i imported and converted the database tables in entities in the integration studio and published the extension but when i try to acess the data in service studio i get the following error message:

It's weird because in the error message the server has 2 slashes like "XXXXXXXXXX\\YYYYYYYY" and it should be only one like its configured in the integration studio as you can see bellow:

I'm trying to acess data from the linked servers and in the database field of the "new database connection" form filled with the default outsystems db of the "local" sql server connection.
Any ideas on what could be the problem?


I want to check the extension files and in the Entities.cs file i noticed that it always appears written XXXXXXXX\\YYYYYY with the two slashes, i replace all with  XXXXXXX\YYYYY (with only one slash) and save but when i compile, it replaces with the wrong server name again
Indeed this seemed to change in a later version 8 of the plataform.

XXXX\YYY gets quoted into XXXX\\YYY and this new name doesn't exist as linked server, i know this used to work because i use it alot to test other enviorements data.

I created an alias to the server with the backslash without the backlash( \ ), still this is just a workarround.

Outsystems needs to fix this

Can we get a anwser on this?
btw, i only get this error during test query, not runtime.

If you inspect the "Executed SQL" tab you will clearly see the double quoted Linked Server that causes the error

Hi Pedro,

Did you create a Support ticket about it?

João Rosado