connection to environment

how can i connect my personel environment from id

Hi Bünyamin,

In order to connect to your Personal Environment using Development Environment (Service Studio and Integration Studio) you should use the following data:

Environment: <YourPersonalEnvironmentName>

Username: <YourUsername>

Password: <YourPassword>

<YourPersonalEnvironmentName> is the name you chose for your personal when you registered at the OutSystems site. You will need to register before you can use your personal environment.

<YourUsername> is the username you chose for your account when you registered at the OutSystems site.

<YourPassword> is the password you use for your account at the OutSystems site.

After entering this information (keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive), you should be able to connect to your environment. If you hit any problems, please let us know.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,
Ricardo Marques