SAP Integration Business Connection

SAP Integration Business Connection

Hello All,

We are using the SAP plugin in one of our projects.

Right now we are having some issues with the BAPI's  that are available.

Anyone have experience using SAP and Outsystems?

This plugin is the only way to access SAP? And this plugin has only access to BAPIs or there are any other information that we can visualize through it?

Hi Raphael,

The SAP integration can use any BAPI or RFC enabled functions from your SAP installation.
Since there are even some default BAPIs to read tables directly, it can access pretty much anything.

What issues are you having?

João Rosado
Hello João,

We are not having an issue with the BAPI in fact.
The problem is that we don't have all the BAPI's that we need available and wanted to know if there were any way to access the information which is not through BAPI.

Do you know any way?