Sorting issue

I have an odd problem.

I have a fairly standard application with a standard TableRecord setup with sorting and pagination.
However, the sorting has stopped working, despite the fact that I haven't changed anything on the screen.
The sorting itself works, but the List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy function always returns the default value now, as though the widget List_SortColumn isn't setting it correctly.

Anyone ever have this issue before, and did you find a solution other than recreating the list?

TOM   - well we have seen all sorts of things.. but we solved it by manually editing the sort order by manually editing the sql script..

We never had any idea why that stuff happened... but it did... So just try doing it manually things might be far easier than chasing native....
Hi Tom,

It's a bit difficult to say what your problem is, without an example. You say "the sorting has stopped working". Do you know exactly when this happened? I assume some changes in the code? If you use the last version that worked and publish it, does it work again? If so, what are the changes between that version and the next one (the one not working)?

@Kayala: I think it's bad advise to advise someone to throw their hands in the air and create a workaround, just because you also can't get something to work!

The actual sorting still takes place.

However, the sort column isn't being picked up in the table refresh.  It continues to pick up the default setting regardless of what column is clicked in the table record control

As for changes, the majority of the screens have not been edited recently, but the issue with the GetOrderBy seems to still be affecting the entire application.

I've stepped back a number of versions, and cannot isolate when this issue started.

Just to be sure, I've set up a variable and a breakpoint, and when I click the column header to sort, the function List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy returns an empty string, despite the fact that the List_SortColumn widget is set with a Column value.
Further investigation  finally led to the underlying issue.
The table record widgets were set to a "ResponsiveTableRecords" style, which appears to be invalid.
Changing the style back to the default "TableRecords" has corrected the sorting issue.
Weirdness. +1 for the investigation though :).
Hi Tom,

Can you please submit this issue and feedback via the submit feedback option in Service Studio? I find it weird that the sorting function is dependent on the style of provide to the widget.