Remember Combo Box variable

Hi everyone,

So I have this web screen where I have a combo box as a filter for my list. This list contains all the actions for a team when no name in the combo box is selected, whenever I select a name in the combo box the list will refresh and show the actions for that specific team member. For example I select myself in the combo box and the actions allocated to me are shown, this way I can click on the link to the action and change the status e.g. When I go back to the list screen the combo box is set to the default value, which is 'All Team members'.

The question is: How can I store the selected team member somewhere? Preferably without using a session variable.

Regards, Brandon
In the meantime I found my own solution.
Not sure if I will be able to explain clear enough for everyone, but I will do my best.
In the link to the action edit screen I put a input parameter, which is the id of the team member in the combo box. In the action edit screen I put the id inside a local variable and send it back with the cancel button (the save button only saves, no redirect). The cancel button redirects back to the action list, which has a web block with the team member id as an input parameter. Then the web block receives the id for the combo box to select the corresponding team member.

I know it is not the most beautiful or logical way of producing this kind of logic but it gets the job done. I also hope that it is clear enough to understand.

Regards, Brandon