Hello all,

Before I go ahead I want to forward my thanks to whomever helps me with this urgent matter.

I am trying to load a zip file but I cannot find the action for the loadzip... When I am in my preparation screen I add an action, but within the options there is none to loadzip, all that I found was the popup-loadfile but still to no avail.

Please understand that I am not a coder and I am trying to make a proof of concept for the use that this platform would have for a customer that I work with. If someone would be kind enough to help me out in this matter as I know it would be quickly resolved with the right ressources and time is of the essence. Please feel free to contact me via email any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eric R.

e-mail : comptoirsherbrooke@gmail.com
Hi Eric,

LoadZip is in the Zip extension. Add a reference to it and you can use it.