Default Espace on Production Server (Other Than ServiceCenter)

Default Espace on Production Server (Other Than ServiceCenter)


I have a new Enterprise license and am installing my applications on my production server.  Currently when I go to my production server IP address (on my browser), the Service Center login page is displayed.  I would like to modify my configuration to have my web site display as the default Espace...however I cannot determine where this would be configured.  

NOTE: I have multiple applications published to my production server and can access each one of them correctly by simply going to my server_IP_address/Espace_name.  Also, I have licensed Outsystems cloud servers and do not have access to the server IIS configuration (that I know of).

Thanks for your help!

You could configure a SEO Rule:

and redirect the web server root to the app you want.

PS: You must check if your Cloud Server has SEO Rules properly installed. Ceck it at "Service Center / Administration / SEO URLs"