How to close my account

How to close my account

Hi, I would like to close my account as I am not using it lately.
What is the procedure to close my account?
We test some time ago your system but now we want to completely delete our account and un-register. We didn't find any link or procedure. Can you help us or do for us. Thank You,
But Neri, how could you turn your back on such a great Platform? I am lost for words...

Yeah, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, sorry :)
I feel a slight irony... anyway we are so small that this platform is just too much for us...

I agree that for small businesses, the licence and infrastructure costs are too steep. Anyway, I would try to reach OutSystems by e-mail or phone, as they are not regularly reading the forum.
Thanx very appreciated....
Hi Neri, 

In fact there's no option for you to do it by yourself, I'll ask to Customer Experience to remove your accounts.

Trust to see you in the future when it becomes reasonable for your business.

Best Luck!