[Drag and Drop] Updating Status By Drag and Drop

[Drag and Drop] Updating Status By Drag and Drop

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Published on 2016-01-20 by Rúben Gonçalves
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Published on 2016-01-20 by Rúben Gonçalves
So I'm trying to implement this into a Customer Support system.
The system has a page, with multiple swim lanes to indicate at what stage each issue in on. The User should be able to drag and drop issues between the different swim lanes (backwards and forward) and the status should change accordingly.

I've been able to implent the drag and drop but unable to get the system to recognise which lane it is in. At the moment the 'Issue' item can be dragged over to the relevant column and remain in position it  but do not snap into place or even change the status
Hi Hoang,

Just published a new version that will help you with that.
In this new version you have the ability to pass an ID to the area as well, and received it in the notification (You have a new action called GetIds to help getting those).

Let me know if this helps.