Accessing Bank account information

Accessing Bank account information


Does anybody have knowledge in accessing bank account information? I am intersted in downloading my bank account transactions directly inot one of my OutSytems applications. I know I need to provide my credentials for account access. I've seen this done in other applications. i do not know if this is a standard api on the web or if it is propreitary by bank. Any insight will be helpful.

Obviously this can be done since and do this but I'd be willing to bet that you (or more accurately, your company) will have to pass some very serious scrutiny before anyone is going to give you access to that kind of API.  I doubt you could justify the effort for just one account.

Good luck!

Curt, This is why I am asking. To see if it is a big hurdle or not. I'm looking for some insight from any one that has built this type of application. I've seen this capability in open source applications. 
Hi David,

Having worked for two retail banks I can suggest to you that banks don't make their webservices public period.

But if you want to enjoy OutSystems check out for public webservices you can play with.

Like many open source/free personal finance applications, you can import your bank transactions from a CSV / XLS / XML file or clipboard. It's not completely automatic like you want but it's very fast and easy to do it with OutSystems built in actions.

Big systems like Intuit Mint ( can retrieve your transactions automatically because they use bank APIs (if the banks have them and "give" them access) or with web scrapping: