The new OutSystems Evaluation Guide

Hi everyone!
Looking to help someone else learn about the magic of OutSystems Platform? :)
Look no further than our recently released Evaluation Guide! It features the top questions that our teams around the world get every day and provides clear (no BS) answers. Have a look at some of the articles about Mobile, Architecture and more...
Take a look and share it with that friend that always wanted to know more about OutSystems. 
For more details about this launch check out this blog post.
Cool, I already plugged it to someone I know to be interested in OutSystems :).
One frequently asked question that I couldn't find the answer in the Evalution guide is:

"What are Software Units / Application Objects and how are they counted?" 
Hi Mário,

Great stuff! Good content also for someone who knows OutSystems already. It helped me realize why I actually like so much what I do :)
Congrats on all the latest developments on the website. I've been too busy but I try to keep in touch. My main request would be for OutSystems to get more On-site Boot Camps, but I understand how hard that is...

You are right. We had to get a quote from a contract to get some description on what Application Objects are. Such a simple concept but no info around...