10.2 Restrict User Access to Pages


i created a new role like in the video (CustomerSupportManager) and set the permissions like in the video (every page for both User and Manager except Dashboard which is only for Manager). Then i created a new user with only the CustomerSupportUser and tested it, then added the CustomerSupportManager role without removing the User one (to check if there were conflicts or not) and everything worked fine.
But when i try to enter the page with my personal environment account i get an invalid permission on the Dashboard screen even though i have a CustomerSupportManager role. Any idea what could be the problem? Some kind of conflit with some of the other 10 roles associated with my account from other projects?

I'm sending the screenshot from my users page where you can see all the roles that i have, including the CustomerSupportUser and CustomerSupportManager which are highlighted.

Best regards,
Hugo Martins
Hi Hugo,

Try to logout and login again with your user. If the problem persists I suggest you use the Submit Feedback option on the Help menu of the IDE to report this issue.

Thanks André,

apparently today it's working fine, so maybe something about being already logged in when the changes happened caused the issue.