TableRecords vs ResponsiveTableRecords

We are using SilkUIFramework and Patterns_Liverpool.

We have tables using TableRecords and it displays a stacked version on portrait tablet. You have to tap each first column to reveal the whole record.

We also have a table placed within the ResponsiveTableRecords widget. It displays stacked on tablet portrait but all the information is displayed.

What we want is for it to show a normal table on portrait tablet  - showing columns and rows. What can be changed to make this happen?

Hello Darrell,

First off all, sorry for the really late reply, but somehow we missed your post.

There is a class that does that exact behaviour.
If you add the class "NoResponsive" to your table record, it will ignore the fact that it is on a mobile device, and will present you the "desktop version".

Please let us know if  you need any more help with this.

Samuel Jesus