Dynamic @import in Theme

Dynamic @import in Theme

we are supposed to reference an external style sheet from another non outSystems server in our theme
we added this line and it works
@import url("http://devserver.com/SharedContent/css/GlobalTheme.css");
however in uat and prd the URL is different
e.g. @import url("http://uatserver.com/SharedContent/css/GlobalTheme.css");

i couldn't find a way to use a site property or some variable in the theme. e.g. i'm looking for something like this
@import url(Site.ExternalCSS);

our current workaround is to copy the external css file to the outSystems server and use a relative path.

Does anyone know how we could make the path of the css dynamic inside the theme?
Thank you.
why does it need to be a @import?
you could go for the httprequesthandler extension and use addStylesheet-action.?

perhaps, if you really want to go for the @import.
use a local-file indeed. but in that page, you do a httpget, and the response you "download".
so no need to have a copy.

Thank you J. I didn't know about addStylesheet-action and also the other option looks interesting.

i'm using @import to keep the hierarchy of the CSS intact. Hierarchy is Silk UI, Liverpool, Global theme, then a public or internal theme then the app's theme. The Global theme's CSS is on the other server.

if i use the httprequesthandler how to i make sure the css is  loaded between liverpool and our public/internal theme