Platform 9 Bali 

Platform 9 Bali 

Attention Marketing,

Don't get me wrong I love the Outsystems Platform and all that it allows me to do and create.......but maybe a little more research was required before combining the words Bali and 9 togther. Google it.

"The Bali Nine is the name given to a group of nine Australians convicted and later executed for smuggling herion"

I'm not blowing a drug or execution message, it just has a bad connotation. Maybe avoid the name "Platform 11 Apollo" in a couple of years. 


Perhaps it's a thing.

The first one was Amsterdam after all.

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention Steve.

Wow, that is one unlucky coincidence! 

Bali was not the initial name we had for this release. We decided to change it because we got fedback form several folks that the city we had selected could have some negative connotations. So we selected Bali since it is such a great place, with an amazing atmosphere, nice people, beautiful landscapes and nature... who would have thought that one single number could have such an impact! Definitely Google needs to be part of every  naming process :)