It doesnt close after a save button. Not only that, its not allowing refreshing the table in the main screen

Who can help 

After Save buttion  did u use pop-up editior close action?
Or  for refersing table did u  use ajax referesh to refersh the container?
if  u didnt try so  please try with this. let me know if still find any issue.. 
The save button is an AJax Submit.

Are you saying it should be just Submit?

I learned the Pop up from London Theme sample file, and that is what they use. AJax Submit Save Button
please share the oml or some screenshots.

- which version are you using and in what browser?
- is it in a popup?
- debugging it actually hits the popup_close action?
- perhaps some client-validation fails, so it doesn't continue
- perhaps an error ios thrown and it doesn't closes
- there used to be some issue with the close-action it always needed to be pre-actionend with popup_editor_notify