Multi Tenancy on Active Directory Authentication

Hi All,

As we all know outsystems support Active Directory authentication.
So as say, inside User_Login when outsystems doesn't find any valid user authentication, it will look up to active directory.

The thing is, we could not set the active directory account's tenancy like the normal outsystems user do.

Any idea how I should do if I want to implement multi tenancy for active directory accounts?

Many Thanks
The User entity is already muti-tenant. If you Open Users espace you will find how it implements the AD sync with the Users. So you could create another User provider and implement the same logic there to have multi tenancy at AD accounts level.
Hi Andre,

Sorry I'm quite new in this.

You are saying "implements the AD sync with the Users", could you give me some more detail about this?

I've tried the option to change the authentication to "Active Directory" on Users espace.
By doing that I recognised that user could login using their windows account, but since these accounts isn't stored in outsystem database, I couldn't arrange their tenant id.

Or do I missed something here?


Hi Dan,

Let me try to clarify what happens: when you enable the authentication to "Active Directory", when the user logs in the User Provider for the first time, a user is created on the "User" entity of that tenant with the same AD username (the password is not stored in outsystems database). The "Users" espace has an action called "User_Login" that peforms the Windows Authentication Attempt (User_LoginWindows action).


As you can see, there is an action called "SynchronizeActiveDirectoryUser" that peforms the sync of AD with the User entity.

I'm not sure if it achieves what you want, but you can arrange AD accounts by UserId, from the multi-tenant entity "User".