How to export to excel table with internal tables

Ok, I have a tablerecords in one of my pages where there are 2 columns.  The first column is the name of a user which is from the record list feeding the tablerecords.  The second column is a widget that takes in the userID as an input and then displays a table with all of their login/outs from the system as a table with a header row. 

This works fine, the issue is that when I try to export this to excel, it does not turn out very well because of the table within a cell.  Has anyone else run into this and have a good fix?
Hi Jason,

The native ExcelToRecordList only exports a list of values. It's a limited feature. I think you'll have to look for a component in the forge like Advanced Excel to achieve this. 


We did look at those and did not find anything that did this very well.
Yeah.. I think there is not a easy way to achieve this. You'll have to implement something to custom the cells' filling for the inner table. It would be nice if there is a component that do this automatically.
Hi Jason,

Do you want to export "login/outs" to the excel which you are displaying using the USERID?



The ideal outcome would be that the excel sheet would look exactly like the table on the page.  So lets say 1 user had 3 login/outs.  So the column A 1-3 would be merged with their name in it and then B 1-3 would be the login/out information that was shown in the table on the page.  I can try to mock this up in excel vs the page if it would help but in general - exactly what it looks like on the page, that in excel.  I think a copy/paste from the page to excel would do it, but how to do that via a button on the page?