[Recaptcha] eSpace demo for reCAPTCHA?

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Hello everyone,

We are receiving SPAM registrations in our website and we are trying to use reCAPCTHA  - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/134/Recaptcha/ - to solve this. Is there any demo eSpace around there? We are runing Platform 

This is the form we want to add reCAPCTHA - https://screencast.com/t/FCp7NLfbC - you can see the live version at www.speak.social (just click JOIN - right up corner). 

We added the reCAPTCHA web block there and now we want to understand how to access the response of reCAPCTHA. The goal here is to add a function on the "Enabled" option of the join buttons - to make sure they are only enabled if reCAPCTHA successfuly identified that the user is NOT a robot. 

Thank you for creating this app and for helping us with this. 


I know this is an old thread, but still unanswered. so here's my two cents.

The New Recaptcha (OSv10)


I believe is the current new version. I am just in the process of trying these out myself, so I haven't tested it yet.