Customized Login

Customized Login


I am currently creating a customized log-in form where I need to validate whether a specific user id (in e-mail address format) inputted by the logging user exists in a table (customized user table) before I allow access to a form in my application, say the Dashboard. I am using the outsys built-in common forms (header/footer/menu/logininfo webscreens) and load these once I found the user id existing. However, I am having problems in loading the logininfo webscreen, the user information and logoff link could not be loaded. I understand that there is validation being made in this webscreen, session id is being checked whether it is null or not. I always get zero (0) value in my session id. Thus, the user information and log-off link could not be viewed. What must be the problem here?

I will appreciate someone helping me with this, I have been trying to figure this out myself for 2 days now.
You might also want to share sample applications that I can use as my reference.

Hi Dennis,

I'm not sure if I got your problem, but If you could not get the Session UserId, the user was not authenticated.

Can you share the oml you are experiencing this issue?

Best regards,
Hi Andre,

How do we check for User authentication? Has the user need to be registered in the User File of Outsystems? The User Table?

Please take note that I am using a seperate/customized table to house the users registered in my application. This table I should be validating during login.

I have attached sample OML, please.