Error 404 occurs when running a process

Error 404 occurs when running a process

 Hi guys,

 Has somebody already encountered this kind of error wherein when a process is executing, Error 404 occurs?
 Our process does not access any URL that is why we were wondering why the Error 404 was issued. Our process only involves creating records in the database.

We checked the Process Monitoring section in the Service Center but there were no errors listed in the processes.
The 404 is caused by a SOAP call that apparently points to nowhere. Are you sure you don't call a SOAP action?
Hi Killian,

   We do not use any SOAP action in our logic. it only creates records in the database.
From the stack trace, I gather there's a process started, and the launch triggers the 404. I can't see much more.
As far as I know, a BPT process works with SOAP webservices behind (so it explains the error you are getting), but that's all I got...
Maybe a BPT licensing problem?
I don't believe so, since it is available on personal envinroments.. and  I've never heard about license problems with BPT.

The fact it's available on personal environments says nothing, as it *isn't* available on a standard licence, afaik (i.e. it has to be licenced separetely).
Hello Lawrence,

The error occurs when the OutSystems Platform is attempting to call the BPT handler to run a process or activity. It does this by calling the url This is not license related, as if it were not licensed, the call would never be made.


The problem seems to be inside the action Bacth_BillingPayjur_Premium. You're seem to be calling a Process_Launch that is returning the 404 error. Do you have another error in the error logs next to this one? Also check that the espace was properly deployed on this server (EIS-STAG).