Can we host OutSystems application on Amazon Web Services

Hello Community members,

I would like to know whether it is possible to host an OutSystems application on Amazon Servers and access application's functionality from there?

Suraj Borade
Yes, since all the personal environemnts are hosted there.  There are also some AWS components in the Forge.

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Hi Curt,

Thanks for the reply.

I searched on forge there are two-three components but I am not getting how to publish my app in AWS (Server) using those components. Can you please provide some steps to host application on AWS (Server)?

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Hello Suraj,

You applications are always published on the OutSystems Front-End server(s).
If you have installed the OutSystems Platform on AWS, then the OutSystems Front-End server is also on AWS and your applications are published there.

If you are using the OutSystems PaaS, in any edition (including Personal), then your applications are already published on a server running on AWS.

Hi Joao,

Thanks for the suggestion.

My purpose is that I want to make an OutSystems app platform free like Java(We can deploy war file irrespective of Java platform) I should be able to deploy it anywhere. If client has to install OutSystems on amazon also then there's no use of buying amazon servers. 

Can you please suggest something else?

Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

To install an OutSystems application without an OutSystems Platform, you need to execute a 'detach' operation.
The 'detach' operation is available to OutSystems Enterprise customers once they decide not to renew their paid subscription.  
If you are in the process of deciding for a paid subscription to the OutSystems Platform, and need to validate the operation of the detach process, please contact the OutSystems sales team, who will guide you through the alternatives.
For an overview of the detach process, check
Once you complete the detach process, you can run the resulting application, on a supported stack (database/application server/operating system) on a server running on AWS.


Hi Joao,

Detaching operation is the last and exit option after which your application will not be an outsystems application.

I think the answer to Suraj's question is yes we can have platform setup in AWS and whatever you publish in this enviorment will remain there .

Here is some help for the same..



Hi Suraj,

When you say "OutSystems app platform free like Java", do you mean that you want to have an app built in within OutSystems but with no dependency on the platform, if that's the case, Joao is right that you need to detach it from the platform.

Please describe it in more detail if we are going into a wrong direction.