Execute Javascript from an action

How to execute Javascript from an action flow?

Suppose I have an entry screen. After hitting the 'Submit' button the data is being inserted to database. Additionally, If I want to disable any other button through javascript how can I do that?
Hi Suman,

Have you found the RunJavascript action in the HTTPRequestHandler module?

I think this can help you!

Kind Regards,
Martijn Habraken
One silly question,

I didn't find anything like this Public elements. I am in Service Studio 9.1.
Did you find the HTTPRequestHandler module in your reference page?
Make sure that in the top right corner the dropdown states: Show all (sometimes its set on: Show in use).
Can you find this?
I coudn't find anything like that. Please give me a picture of your service studio. My version is 9.1.
I'm also working on version 9.1.
The HTTPRequestHandler is an extension from the Systems components.