In a timer action I'm trying to create (or replace) a oracle database view with an advanced query.

Testing the query in development gives good result; view is created and can be queried.
Running the timer (OSRUNTIME) gives an error : ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

The view is viewing entities as well as static entities. After research it became clear that the static entities cannot be approached in OSRUNTIME. Therefor the ORA error message.

As far as i know this can be due to missing synonyms for, or missing grant selects on, the static entities.

The question is: is it expected behavior that static entities in OSADMIN cannot be "seen" by OSRUNTIME?

Development mode

Hi Menno,

I sugest to run the configuration tool and configure the database (create/Upgrade Database Button):

I don't see any reason to have static entities tables under the OSADMIN schema.